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11 Most Frequently Asked Questions When Traveling With Toddler

Feature Most Frequently Asked Questions When Traveling With Toddler

As a parent, I have faced the daunting prospect of traveling with a toddler. It’s a journey filled with uncertainties and questions, and it always left me wondering how to make the experience smoother.

The truth is that many parents find themselves perplexed by a myriad of questions when planning a trip with their little ones. From what to pack to how to keep your child calm during the journey, these concerns can make you feel like you’re in uncharted territory.

But fear not! In this guide, I’ll address the top 11 most frequently asked questions when traveling with toddlers. I’ll provide practical solutions and expert advice to ensure your family adventures are manageable and enjoyable. Say goodbye to travel worries and hello to stress-free journeys with your little explorer!

Is a diaper bag considered a carry-on or a personal item?

Is a diaper bag considered a carry-on or a personal item

A diaper bag in any airline is considered a carry-on item for the child.

Note that it is not considered as a carry-on item for the adult.

Your infant or your young kid up to 2 years of age is allowed a carry-on on most leading airlines.

So if you are carrying one carry-on and one personal item for you, in addition to that, you can carry a diaper bag for each child.

Just that it has to be within the specified dimension limits of the respective airlines.

That being said, almost all diaper bags fall well within the standard dimension limits specified by most airlines.

I’ve used my diaper bag for five years, which I ordered from Amazon. It’s still my best friend. After five long years of heavy use, it has shown very little signs of wear and tear.

We’ve traveled with Airlines like Etihad, Qatar, American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and Air Canada several times. My bag has never been denied entry into the cabin.

It has always accompanied my carry-on and my personal articles.

So order one now if you don’t already have one!

Does a baby get a personal item on a plane?

Does a baby get a personal item on a plane

Babies are not allowed to bring a personal item on a flight unless it’s a diaper bag.

A breast pump or a soft-sided cooler is not considered as a personal item, though, as per American Airlines.

You can carry only a diaper bag and carry-on luggage(if allowed).

Many airlines would allow a checked-in item for an infant but not carry-on luggage. Whereas some airlines may allow you an additional carry-on without any charge.

It is best to refer to your respective airline’s website. Or just give them a call, and they will assist you.

Since we paid child fare for my infant, I was allowed to carry a checked-in item for my baby on lap and an additional carry-on item which was obviously my good ol’ diaper bag.

Just chat or call your airline to know the exact policy.

Does a lap Infant get a checked bag?

Does a Lap Infant Get a Checked Bag

Yes, a lap infant does get a checked bag in almost all leading airlines.

But the weight limits might differ from that of an adult.

Qatar Airways allows 10kgs for a lap infant with infant fare. But if you pay child fare for the infant, they will allow you to bring luggage as per the adult baggage policy.

As for American Airlines and Air Canada, they will allow you one full-size checked-in luggage.

But Southwest Airlines allows you neither.

You’ll have to call your airlines to know their policy.

Can I take water for my baby on a plane?

Can I take water for my baby on a plane

Of course, you can, provided they are under 2 years old.

You can exceed the limit of 3.4 ounces of liquid provided you are taking a reasonable amount. But, yes, they are subject to screening at the TSA point.

They’ll not touch your water but place a piece of paper over your opened bottle to check for harmful substances.

Once your kid is over two years old, you’ll not be able to carry any water for them.

What kind of food is allowed on the plane for my toddler? /Can I bring milk on a plane for my toddler?

What kind of food is allowed on the plane for my toddler

You can bring any kind of food for your toddler on a plane. Even milk!

Do not worry if your child is a picky eater and wants a variety of food or some specific food that they love.

But everything is subject to screening.

Follow the TSA guidelines for children to get a clear picture from the horse’s mouth itself!

Also, the last decision lies with the officer at the checkpoint. He/She will decide what can go past the TSA point.

Can I take a car seat and stroller on the plane?

Can I take a car seat and stroller on the plane

Definitely, you can!

But, for the car seat, you can carry it inside the cabin if you adhere to certain rules.

You’ll have to fix the car seat either in the window seat or in the middle seat only if it doesn’t cause an obstruction for the person while trying to get out of his seat.

You cannot fix the car seat on an exit row or on an aisle side seat.

You’ll also have to set the car seat in a rear-facing position, and the weight of your baby should be within 20 lbs.

We have taken the car seat and the stroller whenever we were on domestic flights.

We checked them in at the main reservation desk of the airline we were flying in. Just, that we got them covered in a bag, you can usually get them from Amazon.

You can pick them up at the carousel. Or check the oversized luggage counter if they do not appear on the carousel.

If you gate-check your car seat and stroller, then after you leave the flight, wait at the gate of the flight itself for your stuff.


Be the last one to disembark the flight. By then all the gate-checked stuff should have reached the gate. You won’t have to wait and obstruct the other flyers.

If you want to through check-in your stroller and car seat, just mention it at the main reservation desk. i.e., if you want your stuff at your last destination,/sm just mention it to the crew at the check-in counter.

How do you go to the bathroom on a plane with a baby?

How do you go to the bathroom on a plane with a baby

I have traveled with my baby alone quite a few times now.

It’s nothing to be scared off. You can either wear your baby if you are comfortable during your bathroom trip.

Or, if your baby is awake you can definitely ask one of the crew to hold your baby for you until you return. They are usually happy to help.

Just remember that if it’s not very urgent then hold your urgency if it’s during those meal times.

If your baby or young kid is fast asleep in their bassinet seat or car seat or on the seat itself, just mention it to the crew to take care of your baby until your return.

Always remember to be extra polite to the crew on the flight. It will definitely work wonders!

Can you take toddler cutlery on the plane?

Can you take toddler cutlery on the plane

Yes, toddler cutlery is allowed on planes. Plastic or bamboo cutlery sets are not banned on flights.

You can safely carry your child’s cutlery set on a flight in your hand luggage.

It might make your toddler less fussy on a flight with food because they can comfortably pick up food with their favorite cutlery.

Is playdough allowed on a plane? /How effective is it for a parent?

Is Playdough allowed on a plane

Many often ponder about taking a Play-Doh on a flight. Whether it would be allowed or not? How effective is it?

Well, the answer is yes, Play-Doh is definitely allowed inside a flight.

I have myself carried an unopened jar of Play-Doh. Then we opened it inside the flight. We played with it. And I could rest for a while because Munchkin was very busy with it.

We took care of cleaning up after our play and tucked it neatly into the jar again before touchdown.

So you can definitely carry it inside the cabin. If your baby loves Play-Doh, it will earn you some brownie moments of rest in flight.

Maybe even a quick nap!

Follow our blog for a list of entertaining items you can carry to keep those little minds busy on a flight.

Can I take kids’ scissors on a plane?

Can I take kids’ scissors on a plane

Though sharp objects are prohibited from being carried in carry-on baggage, you can bring kids’ scissors in your handbag, provided the blade is not more than 4 inches long from the pivot point.

There are plenty of kids who are in love with scissors and their creations.

You can also follow the TSA page for this specific guideline.

Well, if you are a parent to such a kid, you’re lucky.

Let the creativity fly on the wings of the flight!

Just remember to clean up afterward!

And good luck with that peaceful half-an-hour of complete bliss!

Can you board a plane early with your kid?

Can You Board A Plane Early With Your Kid

Families with small kids are always given priority to board a plane first.

If your family consists of children under 6 years of age, you can board first.

Sometimes the airlines may choose to board families in economy class after the boarding of first class, and priority/VIP passengers.

But yes, if you’re flying economy class, you will be given a chance to board the plane before your fellow economy passengers.

So that you can take your own time to settle down with your kids and luggage.

Even though I have a single child, I really take time to settle down properly with all my amenities and my kid in the perfect place.

It’s always convenient to board first. So, keep your ears open when they call for small families for boarding.

If you miss to board first, don’t panic. Just be the last to board the flight. It’s convenient too!

The downside of boarding last is that you might not get to keep your luggage in a convenient space. Your luggage might have to be tucked in a few rows away from you.

In such a case, just take out what you deem would be immediately necessary and safely tuck your bag away.

I know there might be too many queries before your most desired journey. But do not stress yourself.

Just pack what you need in all the convenient compartments of your handbag and diaper bag.

Do not panic while being checked at the TSA checkpoint! Carry your infant, and do not leave your confidence at home!

Just throw away what they won’t agree with inside the cabin unless it’s something too important to part away with.

Most importantly, have loads of fun with your baby during the journey. Create a lot of happy memories.

Have a safe flight! Ciao!

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