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Are Packing Cubes Really Helpful? Your Ultimate Guide

Are Packing Cubes Really Helpful

There was a time when there were no packing cubes. Then there was a time when there were packing cubes, but I didn’t know—followed by a time when I belittled the existence of packing cubes.

Now is the time to sing praise for these beauties!

I am a person who travels a lot. I stay in Canada; my family is in India. So I have to do a lot of to and fro journeys. While I was in the USA, I went on frequent pleasure trips.

After using packing cubes several times, I really regret not having packing cubes back then.

I need space when I’m packing for myself and my baby. Stuffing things neatly inside a packing cube leaves a lot of clean space inside your carry-on!

If you haven’t yet laid your hand on one and are still wondering if you should or shouldn’t, this blog is for you.

Why should you use packing cubes?/ Do packing cubes really help?/ What are the pros of cube packaging?

Packing cubes are a blessing to all the messy and organized packers.

Packing Cubes inside suitcase
  • Organized

Packing cubes has made life much easier. You can not only pack things but also keep them organized simultaneously.

Even if your bag gets catapulted, packing cubes will ensure that your things are precisely as they were packed.

So, yes, that’s a huge plus point.

  • More space

Moreover, packing cubes can create more space in your bags by compressing and compacting things.

Whether you roll or fold your clothes, they will be in the same space after you zip up your packing cube. Thus it creates more space to carry other necessary things.

Your bag will never be overstuffed anymore.

What else could you wish for, Packer?

Do packing cubes work better than rolling?

Multiple Cloths inside a packing cube

Yes. They sure do.

When I roll things inside my bag, they tend to shift away from their space with the slightest movement of the bag. (Everyone knows how they are mishandled in an airport.)

When I’m trying to pull out my favorite top, I only fish out my daughter’s pajamas.

But when my rolled clothes are inside the packing cubes, I find things exactly where they were and in a compressed and perfect way.

My last word: buy a packing cube and feel the change yourself!

What size packing cube do I need?

Usually, packing cubes are sold in packages that provide you with one large size cube, one medium-sized cube, one small packing cube, and other small packing containers for packing your soiled linens and toiletries.

That’s the most effective combo that you can have. They all fit nicely and tightly when placed together in your carry-on suitcase or full-sized luggage.

It’s the perfect combo. I would suggest not going for the same-sized packing cubes.

Should I roll or fold clothes in packing cubes?/ How do you fit the most in packing cubes?

My kids cloths inside the packing cube

It doesn’t really matter whether you are rolling or folding clothes. You’ll never fall short of space if you know how to fold properly.

Those who root for rolling can roll their clothes if they know how to roll clothes effectively and quickly. Otherwise, you can trust your old-friendly method of folding.

I always use the best of both worlds. At first, I fill the cubes with folded clothes, then roll clothes to fill in dead spaces.

It works wonders!

Do packing cubes make your luggage heavier?/ Are packing cubes a waste of space?

Packing cubes are ultralight. They can never make your luggage heavy. They are mostly made of polyester and mesh. They are also waterproof.

It will make your luggage super organized and not heavy at all.

What is the difference between a packing cube and a compression cube?

Packing cubes and compression bags or cubes are completely different things. Packing cubes can keep your stuff organized and compact.

Whereas compression bags kill fluffs. You can carry your fluffy jackets or comforter in those compression bags minus the fluffs. That way, you can save a huge amount of space and carry the fluffiest items in your carry-on or any luggage.

So this pretty much sums up all your queries regarding packing cubes! So, if you don’t have one, I would definitely suggest you buy one now.

Find out which packing cube works best for you.

Make your next trip completely organized and stress-free by packing your stuff into a packing cube.

Happy packing!

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